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Track, improve & build muscle in the gym.

We bring together everything you'll ever need in the fitness center to help you advance your workouts.

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Tracking workouts can be a major headache.

Many of our customers used to track everything by writing new lines in a Notion page. Some even sat with notebooks and got a pencil out to write between sets.

This way of tracking is rather meaningless - and often results in exhaustion and less motivation to work out.

Workout Tracker is here to change that.

With our dashboard, the tracking you do won't just be forgotten in an endless list of workouts - it will be utilised later. We simplify muscle building by giving you instant access to the weight, reps & sets you did last time within the very exercise you're doing.

We also pull data from your workouts to present it in a neat statistics page which empowers you to alter your training based on your weak areas.

We even improve your motivation by bringing in gamification & challenges.

Workout Tracker will take your training to the next level.

We believe everyone should have access to the tools required for reaching their dream physiques. The only barrier for building strength should be lifting the weights.

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Workout Tracker

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