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Review — A life changing notion template

Noah Lloyd
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Round off, reflect on & plan your weeks, months and years.

This template removes the friction in conducting personal reviews by gathering all the best methods, questions & exercises in a single workspace.

It provides you with the perfect queries you would otherwise spend hours looking for.

It empowers you to look back in a couple years and see your greatest & worst moments. Where you excelled, and how to replicate it, and where you went through hardship, and how to prevent it.

It enables you to investigate yourself every single week and connect it all together in a bigger picture of where you're headed.

If you truly commit to this, it will change your life.

The Review Templates

Weekly review
Round off and plan for the next week, never again will you miss a deadline

Monthly review
Understand & adjust your habits & routines; reflect on you

Yearly review
Discover what drives you, find your purpose & analyze who, what and where makes you fulfilled


Who is this for?

It's created for individuals seeking personal growth. It's developed to target both personal and professional life relying on themes such as reflection, planning & goals.

How do you use it?

After purchasing, click "Duplicate" in the top right of Notion. You'll then get access to life reviewing templates with varied questions. One for every Sunday, one for the end of every month and one for the end of every year. An in depth guide of using the template and personalizing it to you is available when bought.

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The complete notion workspace with weekly, monthly and annual review templates as well as an in depth usage guide, an overview, a notification setup and advanced filters & sorts.

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Review — A life changing notion template

2 ratings
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